How to clean your brass jewellery with natural household ingredients…

We all love to wear our jewellery time and time again, but have you noticed that over time your brass pieces have darkened. Don’t worry! Due to the natural properties of brass, constant wear and rubbing, as well as contact with lotions and perfumes, your pieces may begin to oxidise and darken over time. Using simple home remedies, you can brighten and restore your pieces to as good as new.

What you will need:

– One Teaspoon of salt

– Half a cup of vinegar

– Plain flour

– Toothbrush (preferred) or cloth

– Soft cloth to wipe dry

– Microfiber cloth


– Dissolve one teaspoon of salt into half a cup of vinegar

– Add flour until mixture forms a paste

– Place jewellery in paste and leave for 10 minutes

– Gently clean with a toothbrush or cloth

– Rinse jewellery under warm water

– Dry immediately with soft cloth and finish by polishing with a microfiber cloth

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